About Me (Mohita Verma)

Hi, I’m Mohita!

I’m a freelance content writer who has made words her home.

I fell in love with writing at the age of eight and I love to experiment with words.

I write engaging content that helps brands engage their target audience. The main types of content I write are blog posts, website content, and social media posts.

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Working Process

Here’s the working process I follow:

Step 1: I ask the right questions that can help me write the content. Who is the target audience? What is their age group? What are their interests? What is the brand’s tone of voice?

Step 2: I create a content plan. For blogs, this is in the form of a blog outline. For website content or presentations, this is in the form of an outline. For social media posts, month-wise content calendars are prepared.

Step 3: The content is written and shared with the client.


“I recently got an opportunity to work with Mohita on a project. She was prompt in terms of communication. When I received the presentation content for the first draft review-it was really good. She was also quick enough to make the requested amendments and submit the final draft on time. One thing to stress here is the professional way she handled the project-it was literally no-nonsense.

About Mohita’s content that I received: The points were crisp and clear. I found the count less ambiguous and I believe it can be attributed to her way of approaching the content by asking the right questions. She was able to make right use of the business information shared. I’d gladly entrust Mohita with quality content requirements and happily recommend her to anyone looking for professional content writers providing quality content.”

-Suraj Bansal

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