The Rain

Today, the rain keeps falling.

Rain starts with a few droplots

Droplets turn into puddles on the ground.

My thoughts are the droplets

Sometimes when their burden gets too much

They compile up.

Puddles take time to dry up

Just like the thoughts that won’t go away.

Rain can either be too gloomy or too beautiful for people.

It’s all about perception

But personally,

I don’t want to be like the rain.

Because no matter how beautiful it looks when it falls

I don’t want to deal with the mud on the ground once it’s over.

I don’t want to have the aftershocks

Of losing something as beautiful like the rain.

I don’t want to stop believing that something or someone is beautiful.

Because I’ve stopped believing in the rain.

And I’ve stopped believing in you.


By Mohita Verma

Hi. I am a freelance content writer who can write high-quality content as per your requirements.

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