How Is Influencer Marketing Changing In 2020?

Influencer Marketing In 2020

Influencer marketing has become of the key tools that brands are using to grow their audience and reach out to more customers. However, the coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses and influencers to change the way they collaborate. Here are the changes that are taking place in influencer marketing in 2020.

1.Travel and fashion influencers are becoming less popular, while influencers promoting health and wellness products/services are becoming more known

With all the changes that are taking place in the current coronavirus scenario, travel influencers will have to find new sources of income. Nationwide lockdowns and travel bans have caused major disruptions in the life of influencers. It is highly unlikely that you’ll be seeing any influencers chilling out on the beach for a while.

According to an article published in Business Of Fashion, businesses would use fashion influencers only to boost their visibility before the coronavirus pandemic, and now, brands are going to be more concerned about the rate of return which they’ll get on their investments in influencers. If a brand doesn’t get sales from an influencer, the brand won’t spend money on the influencer, as businesses are left with less money for marketing activities.

While travel is a big no, influencers who are promoting health products will become more popular. Immunity is everybody’s concern, and people will notice products that can boost their body’s ability to fight this pandemic more than ever before.

Instagram has launched a new ‘Guides’ feature in which people will be able to view the content created by influencers who talk about mental/physical health or promote health and wellness products. Users will be able to see videos and posts related to specific captions or headers. (Source: Article by NDTV) This is one of Instagram’s initiatives which will help people focus on their health. People will also be able to get the necessary support that they need to focus on their mental health and deal with issues such as anxiety more efficiently.

Instagram Guide

Image Source: Article By Wersm

2. Influencer marketing is becoming more consumer-centric than product-centric

Gone are the days when influencers could only talk about the products or services that were being offered by a company. In today’s world, being product-centric doesn’t help.

A new trend in influencer marketing is that brands are now trying to relate to their audiences. It is relatability, after all, that helps a customer to build trust in a brand. Moreover, 48% of influencers stated that they would be willing to work for a brand for free if they liked the content of the brand and believed that their audience would be able to connect with the brand’s offerings. Sponsored content from influencers has also been on a decline. (Source: The State Of Influencer Marketing 2020, A Report by Launchmetrics) Additionally, brands need to start looking as consumers who already buy their products as influencers, which makes brands look more authentic. Additionally, brands need to focus on their consumer’s needs. Brands need to try to build a relationship with their target audience and engage with them as much as possible during this crisis.

3. Micro-influencers are on the rise

Would a business prefer working with an influencer who collaborates only with brands in the industry the business belongs to or working with an influencer who collaborates with many industries? Businesses are, of course, collaborating with the former. The report by Launchmetrics on the State of Influencer Marketing mentioned that micro-influencers are the most favored option for businesses who want to keep a connection alive with their customers.

 It’s better to collaborate with an influencer who has a niche following. Not only do micro-influencers prove to be less of a burden when it comes to a company’s expenditure, but the target audience of any brand can also be reached in a better way through them. Moreover, according to a study by Experticity, 82% of people are willing to follow recommendations that have been given by micro-influencers.

4. Using stories to promote products/services (adopting a narrative style)

Instagram influencers are using the storytelling technique to grab the attention of their audience. Storytelling is a great way to establish connections, which can easily be done by narrating one’s life experiences. This is one example of digital storytelling by a popular fashion influencer, Kritika Khurana (@thatboho girl on Instagram)

Video Source: Kritika Khurana’s Instagram page

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