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5 Ways To Develop an Effective Marketing Strategy in 2021

Every marketer wants to be so exceptional that a customer says, ”Take my money. I want your product/service!” An effective customer-driven marketing strategy can help them achieve this objective.

Social media marketing

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Read on to know how you can reach your target audience.

Leverage the power of podcasts

Podcasts enable individuals to learn new information. They help individuals network with others. According to Podcast Insights, there are 850,000 active podcasts.

Podcasts are more than just question-and-answer sessions. By inviting guests on your show or featuring as a guest, you can unlock more opportunities.

You can promote your podcast on social media channels like Instagram. Moreover, your podcast guest could be your next client. If you volunteer as a podcast guest, more people will know about your products/services.

Focus on voice search

People use voice search while they’re looking for specific products/services. After all, it’s a convenient, quick method that customers can use as a part of a customer-driven marketing strategy.

61% of consumers say that voice search is most useful to them when their hands or vision is occupied. (Source: Social Media Today)

Make use of trends

Make use of trends on social media. For example, the ”This or That” challenge on Instagram became extremely popular. Leveraging these trends at the right time can help brands ensure that customers engage with their content. 

Leverage e-mail marketing

Imagine reading a subject line like, ”A special offer for you!” or “5 cakes that will leave you wanting more!” Won’t you be tempted to read the e-mail?

If you’re not putting in the effort towards e-mail marketing, you’re missing out.

A well-planned e-mail marketing campaign with engaging subject lines can help you attract your target audience.

Focus on conversational marketing

Your target audience wants to communicate with an authentic brand or individual. Make sure that your content speaks to them.

Avoid writing in a monotonous tone. Sound like a human and not a robot.

Write in a unique style. Each brand’s identity is defined by it’s style. Moreover, customers can associate a brand with its style.

Chatbots are an example of conversational marketing. They enable customers to form a positive first impression of a company. In fact, the size of the global chatbot market is expected to reach USD $1.3 billion by 2023. (Source: Cognizant)

It’s time to level up your marketing game in 2021. Are you planning to implement any of the marketing strategies mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below.

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