Mother’s Day 2020: What’s In A Brand Campaign?

The love that we receive from our mothers cannot be compared to the love of anyone else. From our childhood to the time when we’ve become independent, our mothers guide us throughout our lives. We have learned a lot from them, whether it is how to face the challenges in our lives or values.

While the marketing campaigns launched on the occasion of Mother’s Day were worth noting, some campaigns simply celebrated the sacrifices of women, which is not what women want to be known for. Women want to be respected as equals in the society, and by “celebrating” them as sacrificial humans, we’re undervaluing them.

A brand campaign was launched by Fujilm India on Mother’s Day. While the graphic has been beautifully designed by Fujifilm India, the text on the Facebook page seems to salute them only for their unending labor and multi-tasking abilities. Brands must change their marketing strategies to promote equality in terms of the perceived responsibilities of a man and a woman, especially when it comes to domestic chores.

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Image Source(s): Fujilfilm India’s Facebook Page

Many brand campaigns want customer engagement. However, if all brands are going to repeat the message of how women do multiple duties without complaining, people will start turning a blind eye to these campaigns. People have been watching videos and looking at graphics in which mothers are celebrated only for the work they do and not for being themselves and expressing their individuality. How can a brand expect a campaign to be noticed in an ocean of campaigns where each campaign only talks about how women seem to do everything perfectly?

Kriti Sanon asked women to find some time for themselves during the pandemic and focus on their passions. ITC Vivel’s #AbSamjhautaNahin brand campaign promoted gender equality on Mother’s Day. This is what made the campaign stand out from the rest, who only focused on how well women played the typical roles of both a working woman and a home-maker at the same time.


Image Source: Kriti Sanon’s Instagram Account

Another stunning campaign was launched by SBI Life Insurance, in which mothers spoke about how they have to leave their homes to perform their duties. The nation requires them to go to the hospital to take care of coronavirus patients, work as pilots, or perform other high-risk duties during the pandemic. Work from home is not even available as an option for these mothers.


Image Source: SBI Life Insurance’s Twitter Handle

Let’s not celebrate Mother’s Day on just one day. After all, cakes and roses may bring delight for one day, but it’s helping a mother, either by helping them in their work or being a pillar of emotional support for them that will count. We should appreciate our mothers every single day of our lives.